Nauset Garden Club Committees

The Nauset Garden Club’s outreach committees work towards growing gardens, search cultivating community and enriching each other to make Cape Cod a better and more beautiful place. Some of our activities are:

Conservation & Environment

The Nauset Garden Club is committed to helping preserve the natural resources of Cape Cod.

Members of the Conservation and Environment Committee are active in conservation issue and keep the general membership of the club informed about environmental concerns. Some of our monthly programs are dedicated to conservation, ampoule permaculture and environmental concerns.

Garden Therapy

Recent studies have shown that gardening is good for your health and we have had a Garden Therapy Committee for many years. The Garden Therapy Committee uses garden related activities, abortion such as nature, birds, and conservation, to provide enjoyable and creative activities for the handicapped (mentally or emotionally disturbed, physically disabled, or elderly) and to encourage each individual to participate to the fullest extent possible.

The accomplishments of the participants are recognized, with a goal of helping them with their recovery and/or rehabilitation. The committee plans four to five events each year to achieve its goals.

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The Nauset Garden Club and the Scholarship Committee are committed to encouraging future generations to preserve and improve our environment and make the world a better and more beautiful place.

The Club awards two scholarships to permanent residents of Cape Cod or the Islands. Students must be entering their junior or senior year of college, or a graduate program. Their major must be in landscape design, horticulture, environmental, marine or related sciences. Students are selected based on both merit and need.


Special Projects

In addition to the standing committees, the Nauset Garden Club does several special projects that all the members participate in each year. The clubs annual plant sales have a wide variety of plants that the members cultivate. It is a not to miss event and the plants sell out quickly. Other projects have included flower shows, exhibitions, garden tours and Christmas at Crosby.

Plant Sale

Teacher Mini Grants

The purpose of this community outreach program is to give teachers and their students the opportunity to do projects that will inspire a life-long love and respect for our environment and our planet while also encouraging creativity, critical thinking and open mindedness in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for the future. See the link to our application.

Wild Flower Garden

We take special pride in our maintenance of the Lyn Peabody Wildflower Garden at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History (CCMNH). Committee members plant and maintain the garden, provide illustrations and text for the brochure, propagate plants, research the growing requirements and history of plants that might thrive in the garden, make plant labels, and help with fund raising, The garden can be found on the east side of the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History on Route 6A in Brewster. The garden’s beauty changes with the season and is open year round. Spring is especially beautiful. Please come and visit the garden. Your can also view our photo library .