December 2017 — Horticulture –Tips and Tricks from your fellow gardeners. Sharing ideas of what works best in techniques and products. Possible Ideas for Christmas presents.  The results:

Favorite Tools:

Cutting Tools:

Pruners:  Ellen Bernstein, Carol Alper, Heidi Quill, Sharon Oudemool- Felco

Hori- Hori Knife (Japanese Knife) – Heidi Quill, Sharon Oudemool and Carol Alper

DeWalt Reciprocating Saw – Carol Alper and Mal Condon of the Hydrangea Society

Snippers: Heidi Quill – ARS Snippers; Karen Schwalm – Joyce Chen kitchen snipper; Louise Wasley – Scissors (for flowers)

Fiskar Lopers: Sharon Oudemool

Japanese Folding Saw – Liz deLima

Hoes and digging tools:

Korean Hoe: Barbara Hoadley

Swoe Hoe- Candy Barker

Trake – Part trowel and part cultivator – Sue Poskitt

Mattock:  Jan Roberts

Hula Hoe – Sharon Oudemool

Clamming Fork for weeding – Marty Williams

Claw:   Ellen Bernstein

Planting bulbs – Dibber, Bulb planter – Beth Bradanini

To learn more about the “go to” tools talk to the people listed and find out why they love certain tools. It is a great way to start a conversation and build a friendship.

Products – White Vinegar 20 % or 30% for weeds – Barbara Hoadley & Carol Alper

Natures Harvest – Heidi Quill on containers

Hydratrain –Carol Alper and C.L. Fornari

Plantskydd – to repel rabbits, deer, voles and other hungry critters- Kerry Mendez

Tricks – Uses grass clippings as mulch on a path to keep weeds down Heidi Quill

Put colorful (Orange, Red) on your tools to find them in the garden – Carol Alper

Ideas for Children – Give them a packet of seeds that are easy to grow such as lettuce, carrots, nasturtium or dill and teach them where their food comes from. It a great stocking stuffer.

Reading Material – The Gardeners Bed- Book Richardson Wright 1929

The Practical Encyclopedia of Gardening – Norman Taylor 1936 – out of print – Shows up often at Snows Library Saturday Book Sale

What’s Wrong With My Plant – David Deardorff and Kathryn Wadsworth

Garden Design Magazine – Kay Nagle is working on getting a deal for NGC.  Subscriptions are $45. Magazine come out four times a year.

Harwich Gold: Do your garden a favor and order your Harwich Gold. Great Compost makes great gardens.  Follow this link to the order form


Interesting Websites

Web address Site Notes
https://www.chicagobotanic.org/plantcollections Chicago Botanical Garden Plant Finder
www.finegardening.com/hearlatin Fine Gardening Plant Pronunciations
http://www.taunton.com/finegardening Fine Gardening Good reference info
http://extension.umass.edu/landscape UMass Extension Good Research site
www.plantinfo.umn.edu University of Minnesota Helps to find specific plants  or nursery
http://extension.missouri.edu/p/G6810 University of Missouri Specimen Trees
http://plants.usda.gov USDA Plant database Reference
http://web.uri.edu/cels/research University of RI Interesting Research Articles
http://saveplants.org Center for Plant Conservation at San Diego Zoo Network of 40 Organizations
https://extension.umd.edu/plantdiagnosticlab/current-pests-and-problems U of Maryland Plant Diagnostics
https://www.muddybootsplantags.com Muddy Boots Keep Garden Inventory

Interesting Phone Apps

https://apkpure.com/likethat-garden-flower-search/com.likethatapps.garden Phone APP Plant ID
http://dendro.cnre.vt.edu/dendrology/main.htm Phone APP Tree IdNteresting Blogs

Interesting Blogs

https://www.gardenlady.com/blog/ CL Fornari Blog
https://pyours.com/perennially-yours-blog/ Kerry Mendez