About Nauset Garden Club


Nauset Garden Club was  organized in October, 1984 and founded by Justin Peterson and became Federated in April 1985. 

When the club started the ladies and gentlemen met in homes to discuss the things happening in their gardens.  What worked and what didn’t.  It was a time of sharing. As the membership started to grow they needed a place to meet. So that is when they went to the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Brewster MA on route 6A.  Still growing, the club needed a bigger place and that is when the club moved to the Church of the Holy Spirit, Orleans, on the corner of 28 and Monument Rd.  Currently NGC has over 100 members and will continue to accept new members. 

The club meets from September to June, on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at the Church of the Holy Spirit, Orleans. Our meetings, hands-on gardening projects, committee work, and other activities take place during the daytime. At our monthly programs, world-class designers demonstrate their flower arranging talents; horticulturists give us the latest news about flowers, plants, weeds and pests; experts give presentations on famous gardens; and great gardeners give us suggestions we can use in our own gardens. Most of our monthly programs are open to the public.  

We welcome you to get involved in the Nauset Garden Club.  Membership is open to residents of Barnstable County. For information about joining the Club, please CLICK HERE.


The Nauset Garden Club Pledge:

The Nausets planted and gardened – the keepers of this fragile land.  They respected life all around them and were thankful for the gifts in the sand.  We hope to continue this heritage – and take nothing for granted with this land.  We pledge to preserve if we’re able – this air, water, beauty so grand.