What is Design?

What is Design?

~ Design is the plan that brings order to any art form~

~When designing, one Organizes the Elements of Design according to the Principles of Design ~

~Beauty, Harmony, Expression and Distinction, are attributes of a pleasing design ~

Elements of Design

basic visual qualities of a design

Line - Color - Form - Pattern - Size Space - Light - Texture

Principles of Design

Balance - Proportion - Contrast  Dominance - Scale - Rhythm

Elements and Principles of Floral Design

Floral Design Theory and Mechanics



    Design Workshops

The Garden Club Federation

of Massachusetts offers great workshops on DESIGN.

Due to Covid 19, current

offerings are cancelled. 

Check in occasionally to

see what the status is.



Members can choose to create and bring a completed arrangement, following that particular design's guidelines.  Often, for monthly meetings, there is a design focus.


View Some of the Design Work that Nauset Garden Club members have created. 

Principles of Floral Arrangement

An interesting article with black and white illustrations demonstrating the Principles of Design