Our Club Supports Education 


The Nauset Garden Club is committed to encouraging future generations to preserve and improve our environment and make the world a better and more beautiful place.

The Club awards two scholarships to permanent residents of Cape Cod or the Islands. Students must be entering their junior or senior year of college, or a graduate program. Their major must be in landscape design, horticulture, environmental, marine or related sciences. Students are selected based on both merit and need.

              $500 Mini-Grant Program

More recently the Club has had a “GO GREEN” program that awards $500 grants to teachers on the Lower Cape to promote classroom learning on environmental issues. We have awarded thirty-two deserving programs over the last five years.  The goal is to give teachers and their students the opportunity to do projects that will inspire a life-long love and respect for our environment and our planet while also encouraging creativity, critical thinking and open mindedness in the pursuit of sustainable solutions for the future.

NOTE:  Due to  Covid-19 our club is reviewing the dates to activate the Mini-Grant Program and the Scholarship Program. Information will be posted soon.

Professor & Students