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Latham Center, Brewster is an important program for our club 

The accomplishments of the participants are recognized, with a goal of helping them with their recovery and/or rehabilitation. The committee plans four to five events each year to achieve its goals. 

The Garden Ladies are coming! Click on images below to see some of the projects!


Through the efforts of its Outreach Committee, the Nauset Garden Club uses garden related activities 4-5 times each year at the Latham Center to provide Garden Therapy to individuals with special needs.

 A group of members prepare materials to help residents create seasonal floral arrangements, plant seeds, or make pictures with gardening ideas. All of the activities are related to gardening, nature, birds, and conservation and are designed to engage participants to the fullest extent possible. Following each activity participants are recognized for their accomplishments, with a goal of positively reinforcing their efforts. The Latham Center staff is enthusiastic and also involved, and tell us that they look forward to our visits and announcing

Image by Cathy Holewinski


Recent studies have shown that gardening is good for your health and we have had a Garden Therapy Committee for many years.


The Garden Therapy Committee uses garden related activities, such as nature, birds, and conservation, to provide enjoyable and creative activities for the handicapped (mentally or emotionally disturbed, physically disabled, or elderly) and to encourage each individual to participate to the fullest extent possible.


Did you know there is a therapist for squirrels
in Boston Public Garden?”
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